Bengaluru Butterfly Club (Bangalore Butterfly Club), or BBC as it is better known, is a community with people passionate about studying and observing butterflies. It is a decade old fraternity which has members ranging from top lepidopterists to rank amateurs, bound together by their love for butterflies. It is vibrant group cutting across age groups (ages spanning from mid 80s to low single digit)


BBC is involved in :

  • Regular butterfly walks for enthusiasts
  • Organising and participating in butterfly surveys in various states of India
  • Actively participating in conservation activities
  • Share useful and relevant information among the community
  • Help hobbyists to identify butterflies and clear doubts
  • Organise Karnataka butterfly festival in collaboration with Karnataka Forest Department
  • Contribute to IFB and other citizen science initiatives

You could watch this video about BBC butterfly walks to enjoy a virtual walk with BBC members :

A day out with BBC