Bird watching has been a hobby that has attracted lots of people for a long time. Butterfly watching does not have that long a history as a popular hobby but is a fast developing one. Nature clubs, interest groups, Facebook communities, social media, easy access to experts etc have contributed to this.


Every butterfly watcher would have personal reasons for picking up the hobby. Some of the most common ones are :

  • For the simple pleasure of watching one of the most beautiful creations in nature
  • Scientific curiosity to understand and appreciate the species
  • Enthusiastic photographers interested in capturing the colourful little insect
  • Environmentally sensitive individuals trying to learn and understand about how different species are affected
  • Active participants of conservation initiatives, nature clubs etc
  • People with related hobbies like birdwatching taking an interest in butterflies
  • Friends, relatives, colleagues etc creating awareness and interest based on their experiences
  • Forest department initiatives
  • Butterfly festivals and events
  • Visit to butterfly parks