Both butterflies and moths with many similarities can confuse enthusiasts. Luckily in most cases, it is easy to distinguish if observed carefully. The following are some of the differences between butterflies and moths. But we should bear in mind the these are general observations and there are EXCEPTIONS Butterflies haveContinue Reading

Many butterflies have been missing and presumed extinct owing to non-sighting for many years. One such butterfly was the Lilac Silverline which wasn’t seen around Bengaluru for almost a century. This was rediscovered in Hesarghatta grasslands in 2013. It is a very rare butterfly and only resident breeding population hasContinue Reading

Butterflies add colour and a freshness to nature. But, beyond that they also form a very important element of our environment and biodiversity. Butterflies play a significant part in plant pollination Caterpillars, by consuming leaves may help to keep some plant species from growing at an unsustainable pace They areContinue Reading

Southern Birdwing (Troides minos) is the State Butterfly of Karnataka. It is a very large swallowtail butterfly endemic to the Western Ghats. With a wingspan ranging from 14 to 19 cm, it is one of the largest butterflies found in India. Southern Birdwing can be seen in Bangalore also. ItsContinue Reading